The Journey to rediscovering your true self



My life's work has been studying the behavioural patterns

      we create within our human experience of life ...

I have worked with many clients from all over the world for

the past 25 years, as a teacher, consultant and therapist ...

Helping each individual person to find an understanding

     within their own emotional behavioural patterns ...


 I provide a safe confidential and ethical space for you 

to rediscover your authentic self and find your own paths to 

more connection, creativity, love, wholeness and acceptance.


Behaviour therapy can be helpful to us at many times in

our lives, whether we are dealing with major life changes,

struggling with aspects of our personality, feeling deeply

unhappy or just feeling dissatisfied with life and ourselves.


Each of us is on our own personal journey through this life.

         Our whole lives are an experience of learning...


   To feel that we are truly alive and vibrant within our 

  energies and connection to the experiences of our life,

rather than coping with an overwhelming sense of pressure,

  offers us the opportunity to evolve in our self and our identity

and to find the peace of mind and freedom to create choices.


We experience a deep sense of belonging when we become

more conscious of all of our senses, thoughts and feelings...

  and aware of our relationships with those around us.




I work alongside each of my clients helping them to understand their 

emotional experiences within their lives ... often of a traumatic nature.

 Teaching the skills and tools of how to release the emotional pain.


The behaviour we create as a result of our emotions and pain may 

seem gradual, sometimes we are unaware of the changes and do not 

know how to find ourselves ... we are so far away from the person 

we know we once were and feel out of control on many levels.


The spiralling of thought and despair may exist for some time,

until one day we wonder how to create the change needed ...




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